4.4 EXERCISE: reflect on takeaways from this course and further inspiration

EXERCISE: Reflect on takeaways from this course

In your own words, and looking back at Unit I-IV, try to write down:

  1. What potentials and benefits do you see in game jams and game design processes in relation to your own learning context? What would be an example of where game jams could have potentials and benefits?
  2. What experiences and reflections do you take away from having tried out mini-game jams un Unit II and Unit III? Should you try a game jam or game design process again is there something you could do to make the experience even more valuable?
  3. How might the knowledge you gained in Unit I and the methods and tools you gained through Unit II help you to engage with your discipline in new ways?
  4. How might the principles, processes and mindsets learned through this course be applied within your discipline to engage with society and organisations or create opportunities to work with professionals or external partners?

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