Intended Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner will:

  • Gain knowledge about key concepts in game studies and digital games as a scientific and scholarly practice
  • Reflect on game studies and digital games as a scholarly practice of thinking about, analyzing, critiquing and engaging with culture, games and their design
  • Understand key principles behind game design and game jams
  • Develop game design and game jam mindsets and skill sets
  • Be able to apply principles of game jams and design to cultural and creative engagements with society and organizations
  • Have game jam and design methods as a way of working with theoretical and scholarly thinking with external partners
  • Understand the benefits and potentials of game jams and design for teaching and learning in higher education from the perspective of teachers, students and creative industry partners
  • Know, through students’ own projects and examples, how to work with games and game jam projects through applying both scholarly and designerly methods and practices
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