Intended Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of using digital technologies and methods to digitise, disseminate, and promote material culture in three dimensions;

  • Critically evaluate different tools and methods and their products as well as the benefits and challenges of implementing such technologies for cultural heritage;

  • Put theories into practical effect, design solutions, and solve problems related to specific heritage scenarios and case studies;

  • Apply professional and industry-standard techniques for the three-dimensional digitisation and printing of material culture;

  • Use a wide range of digital tools for recording, visualising, and disseminating cultural heritage;

  • Respond critically to scenarios, case studies, and research questions by employing the most appropriate tools and designing the most effective solutions;

  • Plan, design, implement, and evaluate 3D recording processes and products;

  • Apply 3D recording and printing skills to creative and cultural industries.

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