Example of simple AR: 360º tour of Choirokoitia

Even though the design, development, and deployment of Augmented Reality applications requires software development skills, some types of AR technologies are rather simple and are used in various ways. For instance, AR can be integrated into digital maps, facilitating indoor or outdoor navigation, providing specific and accurate directions, such as locating the shortest distance or route to a store.

In this case, AR-mediated navigation systems include two important areas: the localization and navigation processes and the use of markers, points, text or other types of symbols to direct users to a location. Navigation through buildings, stores, malls, or other types of venues is not contingent upon physical maps but rather on mobile-driven content. In this project, simple AR is deployed at the introductory scene in Choirokoitia, where maps are used to guide students in identifying the location of Cyprus and Choirokoitia. In addition, the 360 pictures of Choirokoitia were enriched with points of interest, which is another example of the simple use of AR: