Teaching and Learning Methods

This course is designed in such a way that learners can take it without being dependent on an institutional teaching context. The assignments are mostly created in applications that generate automated answers. A number of more challenging 'open' questions are included that can be discussed or shared within a group. Learners interested in this approach can find example answers in the virtual noticeboard Padlet. In this course, various exercises offer such Padlet noticeboards to demonstrate example answers and how these answers can be created and shared in an online collaborative space. To use it, however, you have to create your own (free) account. This will provide you with an empty canvas to fill.  By adding the email address of someone else you can pass on a link to that person to continue working on the same Padlet noticeboard. 

Another 'dynamic' feature used in this course is the hover-effect. By hovering over the image at the start of each section you will discover a short text that elaborates on the content and origin of the image.

The title of this course, ‘Multimodal Playground’ refers to the specific objective of interlinking theory and practice in an accessible and playful way. This has been done by making use of interactive quizzes, assignments, and exercises, and by putting emphasis on providing an illustration for each text.

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