Start by first reading: Unit II orientation

In this unit, the main focus is on two words: ‘experiment’ and ‘discover’. As you have read in Unit I, every day, multimodal literacies are more present in academic tasks thanks to digital culture (see Unit I). The teaching of multimodal literacies also provides an opportunity for further discovery, practice and consideration thereof. Whether you are a student or teacher, we hope to pique your interest in multimodal literacies until you become eager to produce and publish in a multimodal form (see Unit III).

Unit II encourages you to be attentive to the multiple levels of different interactions between images, sounds and texts. The following digital comic example is an interesting one, since this form of cultural expression is particularly challenged by the digital turn. The second lesson requires that you consider multimodal literacies and the boundaries between literary genres and/or disciplines. After Unit II, we hope that you will be more aware of the uses and the emergence of multimodal literacies in diverse Humanities fields.

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