Assignment 2: Simple geography

In this assignment you are invited to build an information model capable of addressing some of the requirements of a geographical information system.

Draw a conceptual schema that supports the representation of statements like the ones below:

  • France is a country with an area of 643801 km2 and 67 million inhabitants. Its capital is Paris with 12 million inhabitants.
  • Thessaloniki is a city in Greece with 1 million inhabitants at a distance of 500 km from Athens.
  • Spain borders France, Portugal and Morocco.
  • The river Rhine is 1230 km long. It originates in Switzerland, flows through Germany, France and the Netherlands, and through the cities of Basel, Switerland; Strasbourg, France; Worms, Basel and Cologne, Germany. It drains to the North Sea through the Netherlands.
  • The GDP of Germany was 2580.06 billion euro in 2010 and 282.82 billion euro in 2013.
  • The exports of cars of Japan to France in 1987 were worth 2 billion euro.
  • Spain has been a member of the EU since 1986.