• An introduction to Conceptual Modelling

    This workshop introduces the basics of conceptual modelling and ontologies. We discuss the principles and techniques that can be used in order to formulate the knowledge we have about a specific domain in such a way that it can be understood and used in reasoning tasks by both humans and machines. The nature and role of models is reviewed. Focusing on conceptual models, we present the building blocks and mechanisms used to create them. Some frequent modelling issues and usual practices addressing them are discussed. Step-by-step examples are given, as well as a small set of assignments for personal practice. An introduction to ontologies as a kind of models supporting data access, integration, interoperability and application development, along with a short overview of CIDOC CRM as an exemplar ontology for the cultural domain, finish off the workshop.
    Prepared by Prof. Panos Constantopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business & Digital Curation Unit, Athena Research Centre.