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Anna Lawaetz

Anna Lawaetz

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Hi I am Anna. I designed this course in collaboration with Marianne Ping Huang and Jacob Kreutzfeld. I hold a PhD from University of Copenhagen, department of Arts and Cultural Studies. I am particularly interested in the voice and voice aesthetics. In my dissertation, I studied more than 100 different continuity announcers from the national broadcast radio in Denmark, DR, covering the period from 1931-2012 and developed methods for analysing the voices. In my dissertation, I revealed unconscious institutional ideals such as gendered voice patterns by creating modulation profiles.

During the last years, I have been developing new qualitative methods for The Royal Danish Theatre's audience research (see: as a part of the department of strategic development. Since 2014 I have been dramaturge at The Open Area Museum (a part of the National Museum), where I among other things are working with sound scape design. 

If I am not directly available at this site, you are welcome to make contact on this e-mail: