• Welcome to Sound Studies

    This course introduces sound studies as a discipline that investigates how sound makes sense in particular contexts. Students are recommended to read central texts from Jonathan Sterns Sound Studies Reader as well as articles from open access  journals in the field: SoundEffects – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sonic Experience, Journal of Sonic Studies, Interference. A Journal of Audio Culture and Sounding Out. Lectures are supplemented by assignments that we encourage students to do. Feedback will not be provided from DariahTEACH, but may be organized in class basis or in groups of students. Some assignments are in the form of sound production. For those needing an introduction to practical sound production, please go directly to lesson 5.

    For  introduction we encourage all participants to present themselves in the forum provided in the course. 

  • Unit 5: Producing a podcast

    Ever tried producing a podcast? This lesson will introduce the basic things you need to know to produce your own podcast. This includes a lot of tech stuff, where we recommend you to have a look at the "Podcasting Basics" guides at transom.org, some information on practical techniques that is helpfull when telling stories in sound, and three smaller assignments. We recommend that you do the assignments, and if possible discuss them with fellow students, friends or family. Keep in mind that while you need to learn a few things to communicate effectively in sound, it does not take an expert to hear when something isn't working well. So: produce and listen, and ask others to listen too. Good luck!
    Main author for this unit is Jacob Kreutzfeldt.