Yeats exercise: encoding poetry with TEI

In this exercise you will encode a poem and its associated bibliographic information in the <teiHeader>. This exercise is designed to be completed within the oXygen editor as much of the instructions indicate how to encode and validate your XML document using this software.

All the files you need for this exercise are included in the zip file below. Save the zip file to your desktop. When you unzip the file, you will find four subfolders:

  • documents
  • extras
  • schemas
  • stylesheets

The documents folder contains one file: 'yeats_template.xml. We have pre-populated much of the encoding needed for this poem. You will need to complete the rest of the encoding. Instructions on how to complete the poem are included in the extras folder (Instructions on encoding the Yeats poem.pdf). Also in the extras folder are

  • the text for the poem
  • a challenge exercise (instructions for which are in section F of the instructions PDF)

The schemas folder contains the teilite schema, which the poem will be validated against. The stylesheets folder similarly contains the stylesheet (yeats.css) that is used for this exercise.

Before you begin the exercise, watch the following video which provides you with information that should help you from making common mistakes and will explain further the file structure.