• Unit 2: Discover

    Unit 2: Discover

    As you start your project with the first stage of the Extended Double Diamond, the 'discover stage', you will become aware of your limited capacity to understand the problem and with that your ability to solve the problem. The discover stage is about making sense. It is about coming up with a plausible story that explains what the problem seems to be, why this might be a problem, and what the implications are for the design. For example, if you are commissioned to develop an exhibition on food, you will not know upfront who will be interested in this exhibition, or why they might be interested. Also, you will probably not know which partners should be involved, who may have valuable contributions, or know what theme can offer a compelling narrative. Therefore, you must conduct a so-called problem exploration to find out what matters to all involved. This includes your target group, the client, and, when relevant, other stakeholders.

    For example, school educators may have a stake in such an exhibition. To find out, you need to perform research on user demandsĀ and discover their needs, what they find important, what annoys them, and so on. Also, you look carefully at what the client and other stakeholders can, and are willing to do, concerning the deliverable end product.