Teaching and Learning Methods

This Course consists of a variety of learning modalities that will introduce you to the twin theories and practices behind Design Thinking and Maker Culture. The course consists of text, videos, and interactive elements (quizzes)  a timeline, and extensive further reading to guide you through these topics. Each unit begins with a 'Test Your Knowledge' exercise in which you can gauge your pre-existing knowledge on the major concepts to be explored. This is a self-paced course designed to be delivered asynchronously.  Case studies and scenarios from cultural heritage, creative industries, and related fields enable you to put into practice the theoretical concepts and best practices explored.  No additional software is needed to take this course.

The Design Sprint in Unit 5 has been designed so that it can be completed within a team or class setting, as well as by individuals. Alternative exercises indicated by an icon indicate which exercise can be carried out in a group setting or individually.
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