• Unit 2: Discover

    Unit 2: Discover

    Once you start your project with the first stage of the Extended Double Diamond model, you will become aware you know little to understand the problem, let alone solve it. The Discover stage is about making sense:coming up with a plausible story that explains you and others what the problem seems to be and why and what the implications are for the design. If you are commissioned to develop the exhibition on food you do not know upfront who will be interested, in what and why. Or which partners should be involved who may have valuable contributions, or what theme may offer a compelling narrative. You must therefore conduct a problem exploration to learn what matters for all involved, including your target group, the client and - if relevant - other stakeholders.

    For example. Educators of schools may have a stake in such an exhibition as well. In order to do so you need to perform a research on user demands, to discover what needs they have, what they find important, what irritates them, and so on. In addition, you look carefully at what the client and other stakeholders want and can do with regard to the end product to be delivered.